Listen to our new song “The Absolute Nothing” taken from our upcoming album, ‘MEMENTO MORI’




It's nearly the end of 2018 and Binary Code just wrapped up recording their next full-length album in October with Aaron Smith (Envisage Audio, Seattle, WA) at the helm for the instrumentation engineering, and 'Moonsblood' vocal producer John Douglass of Audiohammer notoriety. Thew new album, ‘MEMENTO MORI’ sees the band resembling bands like Katatonia, Gojira, Devin Townsend, Paradise Lost, and The Contortionist.

‘The Absolute Nothing’ is a musical excerpt from Memento Mori, an upcoming album forged at the deepest level of grief; a raw testimony of the struggle to accept the burdens and brutal bindings of our own minds. This is a story about human limitations, a tragic surrender to emotional demons, and the heart-wrenching aftermath of a horrific death.

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’Moonsblood’ Biography: It’s very rare for a band in the New York/New Jersey scene to stand out among the stiff competition, but standing out is exactly what Binary Code excels at. Formed in 2004 by guitarist Jesse Zuretti, Binary Code always emphasized originality, musicianship and a mammoth live show.

Now, Binary Code has toured North America (Canada and the US) with Norway's finest prog metal outfit, Leprous, and has been packing houses at Saint Vitus, in Brooklyn, opening near sold-out shows with bands like Periphery, Textures, Haken, and many other major bands — either wowing die-hard fans seeking the band out at every opportunity, or converting completely new crowds.

Unlike many contemporary East-coast bands that largely identify as “djent”, Binary Code draws inspiration from the Swedish prog and post metal scene. But it’s not just about being inspired by Textures and Cult Of Luna that makes Binary Code unique. It’s the complex sense of groove, atmosphere, uncharacteristic song structures, and vocalist Oded Weinstock’s signature croon that sets the band apart from anyone else.

'Moonsblood' was mixed by Eyal Levi (August Burns Red, Whitechapel, Monuments), and mastered by Alan Douches (Black Dahlia Murder, Converge, Mastodon) Moonsblood will boast dark, brooding, somber moments juxtaposed with high technicality and ferocious riffs. Do not sleep on this record! For fans of Textures, Cult Of Luna, Katatonia, Gojira, Tesseract, and Sikth


Vocals / Oded Weinstock

Guitar / Jesse Zuretti

Bass / Connor Appleton

Guitar / Peter Spilletti

Drums / Austin Blau




You are listening to "The Absolute Nothing" from our upcoming new album 'Memento Mori' Lyrics trying to avoid the rain exposing all my vanities for you to point and blame all we've learned till now is nothing worth knowing all we've gained is nothing at all all we ever had

Trailer for the upcoming BINARY CODE Studio Documentary for the new album, "MEMENTO MORI", which we wrapped up in early 2018. Instruments engineered and produced by Aaron Smith (Envisage Audio) Vocals engineered and produced by John Douglass (Audiohammer Studios) Video by Gabriel Francis

Enjoy this informative video on the gear of progressive metal band Binary Code, replete with the comedic stylings of some of the members.

Taken from Binary Code's 'MOONSBLOOD'. Purchaser: SUBSCRIBE to BINARY CODE: 'MOONSBLOOD' was released May 24, 2016 (independently) ORDER HERE: Merch: Find 'Dark Meditations' on Bandcamp: FOLLOW BINARY CODE: Like: Watch:

Taken from Binary Code's 'MOONSBLOOD'. Purchase: SUBSCRIBE to BINARY CODE: 'MOONSBLOOD' was released May 24, 2016 (independently) ORDER HERE: Merch: Find 'Immersion' on Bandcamp: FOLLOW BINARY CODE: Like: Watch:

Lyric video for BINARY CODE's title track 'Moonsblood', from the album 'Moonsblood' BUY SUBSCRIBE to BINARY CODE 'MOONSBLOOD' was released worldwide May 24th 2016 independently FOLLOW BINARY CODE: Like



by Binary Code

'MOONSBLOOD' was released in June of 2016


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